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Your Champion For Holistic Wellbeing

Hi, I’m Dr HB Lo and my path to becoming your guide to exponential health wasn't linear. It began in the world of science. As a biomedical scientist fascinated by protein expression and its role in cancer, I was always curious – they called me "question boy" in med school for a reason!

Traditional medicine felt incomplete. Working as a locum doctor, I saw patients with unexplained symptoms and frustratingly few answers. This ignited a desire for a more holistic approach. The human body, I realised, is a connected ecosystem, and seemingly unrelated issues could share a root cause waiting to be discovered.

This yearning for deeper understanding took on a new urgency when my wife, a high-powered executive juggling motherhood and a demanding career, confided in her own struggles. At just 37, she felt depleted and misunderstood by the medical system.

A Personal Spark: When Science Met the Heart

Witnessing her struggle firsthand was a turning point. I embarked on a journey of profound personal and professional exploration. My studies delved beyond the physical, encompassing the interconnectedness of spirit, mind, and body.

This wasn't just about finding answers for my wife; it was about redefining what it meant to be truly healthy. And it worked. Not only did my wife reclaim her vitality, but this experience ignited my passion for helping others struggling with similar challenges, particularly successful female leaders facing hectic schedules and dismissive "normal" fatigue pronouncements.

Today, I refuse to only treat symptoms. I use a combination of evidence-based practices, holistic support, and years of experience to empower you with knowledge and guide you back to a state of vibrant health.

A Point of Difference

My Treatment Philosophy

Uncover the Root Cause

I believe in going beyond the surface-level symptoms and digging deep to find the true cause of your health struggles.

Holistic Harmony

Your body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected. My approach takes a comprehensive view to achieve optimal well-being.

Science-Backed Solutions

I integrate the latest research and proven methods into my approach, ensuring you receive the most effective support.

Knowledge is Power

I empower you with the knowledge you need to understand your health and become an active participant in your journey.

Lasting Change

Be Inspired By Real Results

Many of Dr. Lo's clients have experienced life-changing transformations. To protect their privacy, specific details are not shared, but here are some glimpses into the positive outcomes achieved through Dr. Lo's approach.

  • 43 yr F, temporarily lost sight due to MS. Now medication-free on lifestyle therapy.

  • 51 yr F with Hashimoto thyroiditis, resolved with 1 diet adjustment.

  • 39 yr with migraines, now symptom-free.

  • 39 yr with high cholesterol, resolved without the need for medication.

  • 40 yr with pre-diabetes, staved off medication.

  • 27 yr with chronic migraines, now only suffers occasionally.

  • 34 yr yo-yo dieter, achieving easy weight loss plus stable moods, minimal periods, stable energy levels throughout the day, less sleeps less but feels more rested!

Happy Clients


“Dr HB’s program took me by the hand with easy steps and tools to manage stress. Simple techniques, like walking barefoot on grass, really helped me find peace and feel grounded.”
- Ruth Ebergenyi

“Dr HB's program helped me overcome fear and find calm. Now I feel confident in my coaching business, even during challenges. This program is amazing!"
- Olivia

"Even though I thought I was healthy, Exponential Health surprised me. It helped me discover subconscious patterns affecting my well-being. Now I'm more aware of hidden factors impacting my health."
- Kim

"Before Dr HB, I was stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits and negative self-talk. HB helped me break free! Now, I'm finally feeling in tune with my body and mind. I have the tools to manage stress and make healthy choices that actually stick. Thanks, HB!"
- Sarah B.

"Before Dr HB, I was just going through the motions, working all the time. HB opened my eyes to the importance of sleep, toxins, and even my subconscious mind! Now, I prioritise sleep, manage stress, and feel so much better. Thanks, HB!"
- Leilynne B.

“The program opened my eyes to pollution everywhere, even in rainwater tanks! Now I'm more mindful and take steps to reduce toxins. Plus, who knew warm water was better for hydration? My energy levels have also improved thanks to working on my subconscious mind. HB is a game-changer for anyone looking to get healthy!"
- Christine L.

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